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Friday, 25 November 2011

Oh how I've missed you...

My dearest followers,

I am very sorry I have been a hermit the last few months. As you know, this was my final year of Uni (which is well and truly done and dusted and I never wish to refer to any text books or essay questions again). I have truly missed blogging, missed dressing up and conducting savvy photoshoots for all of you to muse over. I've almost forgotten how to use blogspot. NOT!!!!! However, I do promise to start making my blog posts more frequent (at least once a week or once a fortnight), depending on how much my two jobs drain my life. Yes, that's right! Two jobs to support my shopping frenzy, but also an avenue to start saving for Europe and that walk in wardrobe for my future house. So what I have chosen to do with this blog post in particular is pluck out some significant occasions over the last few months and narrate my outfits.

Your feedback and suggestions are always considered!

My friend's wedding:

(I am wearing a vintage Victoria Beckham peplum-style dress with patent black belt and Nine West gem heels)...

(I am wearing a Topshop fluffy dress with a vintage cameo hair clip and vintage suede heels)...

My 23rd Birthday!!!
(I am wearing Asos tie-up shirt, Asos hounds-tooth pants, Pedro Garcia shoes, Tiffany and Co bracelet, ring and Chanel earrings)...

(I am wearing a H&M Lanvin tulle dress, Spotlight ribbon as a belt, vintage shoes & bag, Sarah Jessica Parker cropped leather gloves and Colette earrings)...

The Races: Derby Day and Oaks Day:

(I am wearing Aqua dress, patent black belt, Forever New head piece, Colette bag, racing hounds-tooth gloves, Swarovski crystal brooch, Chanel heels)... 

(I am wearing Gwenadue Audrey skirt, vintage jacket, vintage necklace, Colette bag and vintage suede heels with vintage head piece)...

(I am wearing a Zanet Couture dress at the Royal Melbourne Show fashion parade)...

(I am wearing a Herves Leger dress, YSL vintage ring, vintage bracelet, bag and suede shoes)...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Inspired by horses...

My sassy followers, 

I do apologise I haven't written for a while. It's been a fairly hectic month- back at Uni, work and the weather has deprived me to go out and take some photos (although I wouldn't refuse to taking photos in the rain).. So I caught up with my very good friend Cecylia last week, and we decided to use GPO on Bourke St as a venue for our snapshots. I never realised the beauty behind the interior- the arched hallway with a red carpet (which Cecylia introduced me to) and the stunning glass cabinets filled with selected fashionable items. Nothing compared to what I saw in front of the 'Anaessia' store! We were walking in that direction and Cecylia and I were caught in conversation when I froze and my jaw dropped to the ground. I was literally speechless. What stood before me was unlike anything I have ever layed my eyes upon- a red lace skivee dress with a tutu underlayer spinning round and round on the mannequin. Sue Vanikiotis is the very talented designer that once dreamed of having a ballet career (which explains her lust over tutus and poufy dresses.) I'm in heaven! Her love of the theatre and fashion from the 20s and 30s right through to the 60s has been her motivation and inspiration behind her highly structured and meticulously tailored and embroided pieces that embellish the utmost in style and sophistication. 'Each exquisite garment is customized with an essence of feminity and decadence; embelishing influences from European design.' And the best thing about it is you won't have to worry about ANY girl wearing the same thing as you, as these are ONE OFF DRESSES. Now we're talking! :) 

Absolutely stunning beyond meaning, language or expression! Love, love, love!

So after snapping with my dearie Cecylia who I thank from the bottom of my heart for bringing her SLR, we walked around GPO to have more of a browse. My outfit was inspired by this photo that I saw on the Asos website. I fell in love with the outfit and thought I'd try and mimic the pretty girl's style. No matter how individual we are in the way that we dress, we're always inspired by others- whether it be friends, celebrities, paintings, movement etc. But it's important to remain yourselves in the way that you look, act and carry yourself. People would rather see the real you shine through than be put off by the person you're hopeless trying to be! 

Enjoy my photos ladies! I would love to know what you think of my outfit. And to my dear friend Cecylia, your photos in our next shoot will be featured in my blog without any excuses. Maybe we can be princesses one day and spoil ourselves to buying an Anaessia dress? :)

(I am wearing Zara pants, Asos shirt, Gripp blazer, vintage brooch, Melissa shoes and vintage bag..)

Object of one's desire!

Much love,

Miss Couture Vintage X. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

Gwenadue shoot...

To all my fashion-crazed followers,

I want to introduce you to an oh so talented friend of mine Kelsey Menadue, who is the super cutest designer of 'Gwenadue'.. Kelsey and I met at Tilkah, while I was helplessly shopping for jewellery. Her sweet and adorable nature shone right through me each time she would compliment on an ensemble that I was wearing. We became Facie friends right away, and then I discovered that she designed most of her wardrobe. I was awe-inspired by her craftsmanship and fine eye for detail, as each piece exemplified my fervor for vintage. She told me that she was looking at making a 'Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey skirt' and when these words were spoken, I was so intrigued and interested in modelling her new collection. After a devastating ordeal of losing the photos from the first shoot, we soldiered on and happily conducted the shoot again at Fitzroy gardens. I had the time of my life, and would do it all again in a heartbeat. So ladies, come and be enchanted by this dreamy and fairy-like nature of Gwenadue's new collection: 'The Black Forest'...

Much love,

Miss CoutureVintageX

(I am wearing the BEST SKIRT IN THE WORLD: Gwenadue Audrey 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' skirt, vintage lace top, vintage cropped fur gloves, vintage necklace, Asos boots)... ♥

(I am wearing Gwenadue suede skirt, Victorian collared shirt, vintage bag, Melissa shoes...) ♥

Backstage with the cutest girl in the world: Kelsey.

(I am wearing Gwenadue koko skirt, Gwenadue lace love heart top, vintage globe shoes)... ♥

(I am wearing the second BEST skirt in the world: 'Gwenadue Tale of Terror' skirt, Gwenadue corset, Melissa Amazona shoes)... ♥

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I heart Cecylia...

My dear friends,

I am so so sorry for being 'blog absent'. The past few weeks have been crazy- finishing off my final assignments. But all is done, and I am happily free for a month to devote all of my time, love and attention to my blog and increasing the number of followers (p.s- I also wanted to thank those of you who constantly check out my posts and support me with your valuable comments and feedback).

Now for some exciting news! Earlier this week, I went to meet a very pretty friend of mine Cecylia who has a self-titled boutique on High Street, in Armadale. I remember first seeing Cecylia at a fashion show I attended. She was holding the cutest dog in her hands, and I recall thinking to myself: 'God, I love her stunning cape!' So I found her on Facebook and after conversing back and forward, we decided to meet in person (and thank God for that!) I walked into her boutique and had love hearts in my eyes. She stocks the most AMAZING international and Australian designers such as Sophia Kokosalaki (this woman is brilliant and my favourite!), Alldressedup, Karla Spetic, Repetto (adorable shoes), Spijkers en Spijkers, Felder Felder (two fantastic labels and Sara Phillips.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this phenomenal Cecylia!
1.) She's soooo pretty!
2.) She wears amazing clothes.
3.) She achieved her dream of one day owning a boutique.
4.) She's soooo smart!
5.) She's amazing!
6.) She has her own blog (http://cecylia.com)
7.) She has the cutest Chihuahua ever.... and the list goes on, but I think you get my drift!

So I spent like two whole hours besotted in her boutique and meticulously looked through each rack. I fell head over heals in love with many pieces, but my favorites were:

The lovely Cecylia! And the beloved Theodore.

Lights, camera, action!

The interior of her boutique is so vintage-like with damask printed lounges and chairs and burgundy velvet change rooms. It's like a kid walking into their favorite candy shop! Or just me walking right into my element.. Ahhhh!

(I am wearing a vintage poncho, zip leather leggings, and my Jeffreys.)
Everyone meet Theodore! Isn't he just the cutest?!

And the browsing begun! I think I almost raped her whole boutique, but these two dresses were my favorite garments (the Spijkers en Spijkers metallic dress and I became besotted with this Sophia Kokosalaki state of the art leather dress..) The lovely Cecylia even suggested I return back to the boutique so we can do a photoshoot in my favorite pieces. How fun!

To-die-for Repetto shoes (I particularly liked the Mary Janes and the Kate Moss brogue flats)...

This Spijkers en Spijkers blazer and notorious Sara Phillips shirt were also my pick outs! This blazer was so perfect for me. The shirt I have seen in a number of photo shoots and seeing it live and feeling the texture of it made me want it moreee... Aww... Check out little Theodore in the corner!

Thank you Cecylia for inviting me into your boutique and treating me like royalty. I really enjoyed that delicious muffin! I'm looking forward to that photo shoot.

Much much much love, your biggest fan
Miss Couture Vintage X.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Feeeeeling blue.... X

Dear friends,

I went out for dinner tonight at an African restaurant called 'Yemeni'. Despite me being a tad bit over dressed, I wanted to finally wear my blue leather jacket that I scored joyously from Ebay. Little did I know that I could wear it reversibly. Super awesome. Please share your thoughts! X

(I am wearing a Natalie Aquilina zip dress, vintage leather jacket (which I discovered can also be worn reversible), Chanel bag and Jeffrey Campbell shoes)...

(Leather jacket reversibly worn!)

Much love, 

Miss Couture Vintage X

Saturday, 28 May 2011

'Love Vintage Melbourne'...

Tonight I attended the 'Love Vintage Melbourne' fair, which was held at the Exhibition Hall down at the showgrounds and it was ever so fabulous. Like a kid in a candy store, I walked into the building to see stalls all around me (I really didn't know where to begin). I was swamped with lots of fur, 50s swing coats, sequin tops, poufy dresses and delicate jewellery.. With an aim to not spend all of my money, I walked around with one eye open and my hand covering the other just to avoid the beauty of what surrounded me. I met and mingled with old friends (vintage store owners) and made some new acquaintances.

If I had known that there was going to be a 'best dressed' competition on the night, I would've made that extra bit of effort. But I stood in awe amazement to watch all the candidates of the competition and fell in love with one particular lady bug structured skirt. Unfortunately, she wasn't the winner of the competition. Nonetheless, all the candidates were winners in my eyes as they each had they own style and pulled it off immaculately.

After the show, my eyes continued wandering and I met the most amazing women- Briony Nottage who makes the most exquisite and quirky head pieces and Candice DeVille who was the speaker for the 'Best dressed competition' and is a writer, model and ambassador for glamour. She specialises in vintage hair and makeup and even conducts workshops and photography sessions with clients who wish to discover their most glamorous self. She truly inspired me with her 50s demeanor and her stunning persona. I would love to work with her someday!

Four hours later, an announcement was made to wrap up the fair, but I was still in the hustle and bustle of it all. Overall, I didn't spend very much- just bought a beautiful accordian pleated maxi skirt, a pair of camel gloves, a pair of earrings and a gorgeous bag.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts this weekend, as I should have another two posts coming up. Hope you all have a spectacular weekend.

Much love,

Miss Couture Vintage X

Third prize winner.

Second prize winner!


The front of this skirt was amazing! It looked like a lady bird flapping its wings. So pretty!

(I am wearing Asos pants, vintage top, Gripp blazer, vintage shoes, Chanel bag, scrabble necklace, Audrey ring, Briony Nottage's headpiece)

Something's pecking at me!

The middle headpiece was simply divine! 

The pretty Miss Candice DeVille...