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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

QV Fashion Fusion Parade. X

Please check out the article written by me and my talented coworkers at the Australian Fashion Guide...

A spectacular sunny Tuesday afternoon, as chairs were decked out on QV square in preparation for the ‘QV Fashion Fusion Show’. At 1pm people started filling the seats and crowded around the open stage, Ray Bans were seen on most faces as the sun bathed the crowd’s faces. It was a perfect day for an outdoor catwalk. The show kicked off exactly at 1.30pm with four contemporary dancers that ran throughout the catwalk.
In the midst of a sinister and murky forest, a pack of untamed male and female dancers prowled through twiggy branches looking for their prey in their black tights, draped jackets, poufy hair and elongated lashes. To their surprise, they stumbled across bewildered beauty- models dressed in hi-street outfits and evening wear too pristine for the forest’s liking. This is the kind of ambience presented at the ‘QV Fashion Fusion Show’.
The parade commenced with a compassionate and sensitive allure, as the models honored Japan in a red and white t-shirt imprinted with ‘Don’t give up, Japan’. Soon after, the models were striding to sultry music and were dressed in a more casual and street-smart feel- with the guys wearing flannel shirts, rolled up jeans, leather jackets, knitted cardigans teamed with either Lacoste shoes or military boots and let’s not forget the leather-strapped man bag.

The exotic looking female models used blunt looking faces with a slim slant of a smile shone with red bold colour lips and the men with clean jaw shaped faces. While the dancers were performing their greatly composed moves, the models were going about their thing not noticing the ever present dancers as they danced around them flowing over them like a flame. 
As the music got faster, the trends altered from casual to cocktail wear. The women looked lustrous in their printed dresses teamed with either, leather jackets for that grungy look or cropped and tailored blazers for that touch of androgynous and elegance. Throughout the parade of women’s evening wear, there was a splash of vintage accessorised with all garments. The fur coat, leopard print, lace stockings and lace overlayed dresses, along with suede ankle booties, clogs, long and cropped gloves and embellished clutches were all a big hit on the catwalk for this season. 

      The ladies weren’t the only ones looking glamorous; as tweed brown hem suits collaborated with camel military boots seem to be a renowned trend for this wintry season.
The models and dancers were inextricably linked through the resonating and mythical music blasting through the speakers. Their bodies moved in unison to the beat, while their eyes were transfixed beyond a mythical world of illusion.
Through their movement, the dancers and models were transformed into creatures on the catwalk. The intensity of the increasing beat elevated the models to appear as enchanted beings, while the dancers moved like animals swiftly hunting their prey.
The contradiction of energy between the subdued models and energetic dancers allowed the garments to shine through like glorified pieces emerging from behind the draping black curtains. With each new stride and glide the audience was lost in captivation, not even the flock of noisy seagulls could deter attention from this unique runway performance!

As the intense performance came to a close, victory music vibrated through the air projecting a scene of triumph and success. The procession of models emerged, while the dancers pounced on stage like staggered bullets and they all united for a lap of victory.  
We were witness to this very unique fusion of fashion with contemporary dance as they crossed paths with the models on the walk. Smiles and the excited chatters among the audience showed how different this experience was and the enthusiastic applause when the show came to a close This gave an edge and truly a new experience for a fashion catwalk signaling the start of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival week.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

LMFF rocks my world...

Greetings all my beloved Fashionistas,

I am so incredibly tired tonight, so I am going to make this short, sharp and fashionable. I went to Runway 3 during the L'Oreal Fashion Festival and Yeojin Bae for me was the standout- particularly their sparkly pants and tailored suits and collared shirts. I see collared shirts and leather are a big hit this chilly Autumn, and coincidently that's exactly what I was wearing on the night.

So tell me what you think!

I'm wearing vintage camel leather dress, white victorian collared shirt, velvet bow tie, Amazonista Melissa shoes, Tu ring and Chanel bag


Me working for the AFG at LMFF snapping 'best-dressed attendees of the night. I'm wearing a Glue bodysuit, Katies David Jones printed skirt, Rubi wedges, Portmans gold chain necklace, patent black leather belt.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

2011 Fashion Trends...

This Autumn/Winter, the following trends seem to be a 'hot pick' of the season:

-Velvet (for both men and women)
-English country side (this is where I've been noticing the ladies wear floppy hats, oyster knee-high socks, camel and grey capes, trenches and lots of fur, leopard and leather).
-Ladylike (my all-time classical favourite: 50s and 60s skirt)

I'd love to know your favourite pick!
Louis Vuitton

(My fav: Louis Vouis Vuitton)       
Jenni Kayne
Tom Ford
Tom Ford
Alexander McQueen

Top looks for Men in 2011...

For the most savvy and trendy men, this blog is for you!

There's nothing more stylish than a tailored suit, teamed up with patent leather shoes, brogues for a more casual feel or military boots if you're brave enough.

Tom Ford

D&G Suit      

Tom Ford

Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss
Arthur Galan

Riri gets her fashion on!!!

I know this post is a little delayed, but I have been so swamped with work and I still wanted to share my entertaining experience at Rihanna's concert. She is one of the most incredible people my eyes have ever glanced at. Just watching her on stage in her eccentric outfits was awe-inspiring- she loves her corsets and leotards as well as frilly skirts and dresses with attached flowers. This led me to going home that night thinking about the way in which she has added her own signature to fashion across the globe. As I sifted through my own photos, I came across a dress that I wore which was inspired by an Alexander Wang dress worn by the pretty lady herself, and the not-so-always trendy Paris Hilton...
(I'm wearing a vintage Alexander Wang inspired dress, Rubi shoes, pearl bracelet, Tiffany and Co ring)...
And just some more Rihanna inspired trends.........

(This is my absolute FAV!!!)

When velvet meets hippy, and hippy meets a romantic dinner on a Saturday evening. X

There's nothing more rejuvenating on a tedious and busy working week, than to enjoy a ravishing steak and a glass of wine at a local pub with a loved one. My partner and I have a fettish in visiting the most reowned restaurants in the area, and he tries to steer me away from my favourite cuisine: Thai. Just thinking of a prawn pad thai with pieces of tofu, extra snow peas and my 'must-have' cashews is making my stomach do somersaults...

So here you have it: our Saturday evening in a nutshell, in a few snapshots-

(I'm wearing an emerald blue, velvet strapless maxi dress from ASOS, a cream Indie hat, a Portman's gold necklace and my Tu ring)...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Penthouse Mouse Fashion Event...

Greetings all fashion Kings and Queens,

Tonight, I went to a fashion event called 'Penthouse Mouse' which is a temporary fashion store, arts and events space that gives young designer aswell as artists the opportunity to showcase their new range. Some of the labels were Leonard St, Braide, the stunning Jolet, the super cute Little Gracie, Limedrop, the casual yet drape-inspired Trimapee and the adorable Tu jewellery and clothing.... The night was a great success- loud head-banging music, free wine, and a free coffee liquor that burnt my throat... All in all, I was so amazed to see all the wonderful colours of Autumn/Winter (earthy shades, blazers, and chiffon shirts were quite popular amongst the crowd, as well as suede wedges)...

Tonight's outfit was inspired by a photo I came across in street style Australia. What do you guys think of the resemblance? Do you think I pulled it off...

(I'm wearing a Victorian collared shirt, a Maxim striped jacket, patent black belt to accentuate the waist, Les Corbeaux shiny shorts, ASOS boots, vintage ring, vintage bangle and my forever beloved Miss Chanel)....

Here are a few other images of the remainder of the night:

Gorgeous designer Jolet Ucchino

A couple of snapshots of Jolet's A/W 2011 collection..

 Little Gracie's super cute collection of mustard and camel shirts.

And of course... I just couldn't help myself, so I bought this adorable Tu ring....


Much love, 

Miss Couture Vintage. X