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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Chadstone's VIP day!

On Wednesday, the 12th of September, I was cordially invited as Chadstone's new fashion blogger to attend our fashion capital's VIP day. So off I went, dressed in my floral blazer, mint green skirt, and my SLR. Let's just say that I was flowing through an array of colours- from neon yellows to hot pinks and pastel hues. Talk about spring has sprung!

The morning started off slow as I managed to secure a front door car park. I noticed as I was wondering around that even kids were up early getting splattered in colour by the Kids Club. I became quite envious as I noticed Laurent's ambiance, so I decided to get some breakie to kick start my day- a soy mocha and a salted caramel macaroon (so healthy of me!) 

As soon as breakfast was consumed, I noticed that this was a particularly dangerous situation to get myself involved in- with stores up to 20-30% off, for sure I was going to spend (it's what I do best and can you honestly blame me for wanting to splurge?!)

I must say, I was quite impressed with Chadstone being refurbished and extended with our beloved designer stores such as Chanel, Tiffany and Co, Prada and the list goes on as well as my jaw dropping to the ground.. Asides from the two runway shows, I was really looking forward to seeing the Heel Candy exhibition as I am a massive fan of Melissa shoes.. 

The highlight of my long day at Chadstone (besides the shopping of course) was witnessing the atmosphere, being in high spirits with the live entertainment, feeling quite overwhelmed with the complimentary handouts and getting to see the best of spring's fashion collection. I was also impressed with the men's range of suits, but Manning Cartell was hands down the best of the best for me. I walked into Manning Cartell hoping to meet all the designers, but unfortunately they hadn't arrived in Melbourne at the time, so I walked around and admired their high waisted skirts, their lemon sherbet draped dress which I would've bought if I had a special function. Zimmermann also impressed me with their collection of pastel phenomenon and Witchery and Saba's collection amazed me also on the runway (particularly Witchery's gold lacy dress).. 

So after ten long hours and sore feet, it was time to head on home and dream sweet of vibrant spring!

Super cute!!!

I guess I wasn't the only one having fun! 

My lovely Yen and myself!

My fav!!! 
Gracefully beautiful...

I am wearing Hot Options for Grazia skirt and floral blazer, Portmans top, Prada bag, Von Treskow ring, vintage necklace.

Thank goodness my bestie came to keep me company!

Outstanding selections!

Much love,

Miss Couture Vintage X. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Miss Couture Vintage X returns!

My dearly beloved friends of fashion, glitz and glam,

I dedicated this belated post to you with lots of love xx

I conjured up a shoot that I have had in my mind for quite some time now and finally put matters into my own hands by making it happen.. Although all my posts consist of making effort, this one is extra special to me. The Society on Bourke St is a stunning bar/restaurant situated right next to Madam Brussels and Parliament Station and thanks to the manager, Gary, he gave me consent to doing a shoot. I walked in one night and saw the interior of the Rino's room and thought: this place perfectly describes me- damask print, chandeliers, the colour red and mirrors.. Thanks to Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Vintage) who sold me one of her gorgeous Grecian-looking Bec & Bridge dresses, I thought it would go so well with Society and my idea of: vintage glamour...

The photo shoot was a great success and I had lots of fun taking part in it.. I want to especially thank Gary for letting me use the Rino's room as the background for my shoot, my photograper Fariha and our assistant Anton. Oh and let me not forget my fabulous hairdresser Michael who works at Minko hair and beauty.

Enjoy my top shots!

(I am wearing a Bec & Bridge dress, vintage belt, Asos heels, vintage clutch and Angi Mac earrings)..

Much love,

Miss Couture Vintage X. 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

First official blog post of the year xxx

Hello my darlings,

Despite my blogging absence, I have had an idea for a photoshoot with this exact outfit. I managed to get out and about today in this absolutely breath-taking weather (too bad I didn't get a chance to go for a swim in my bodysuit that could easily be worn as a swimsuit too). I promise to keep my blog posts more frequent this year, even though I have been spasmodically trying to juggle between two jobs and online shopping has slowly decreased. I'd love to hear your feedback and comments.

Stay fashionable!

Lotsa lurve,

Miss Couture Vintage X.

(I am wearing Asos top and skirt with split, vintage suede heels, gold tied belt, Dotti sunnies, YSL vintage ring)