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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Inspired by horses...

My sassy followers, 

I do apologise I haven't written for a while. It's been a fairly hectic month- back at Uni, work and the weather has deprived me to go out and take some photos (although I wouldn't refuse to taking photos in the rain).. So I caught up with my very good friend Cecylia last week, and we decided to use GPO on Bourke St as a venue for our snapshots. I never realised the beauty behind the interior- the arched hallway with a red carpet (which Cecylia introduced me to) and the stunning glass cabinets filled with selected fashionable items. Nothing compared to what I saw in front of the 'Anaessia' store! We were walking in that direction and Cecylia and I were caught in conversation when I froze and my jaw dropped to the ground. I was literally speechless. What stood before me was unlike anything I have ever layed my eyes upon- a red lace skivee dress with a tutu underlayer spinning round and round on the mannequin. Sue Vanikiotis is the very talented designer that once dreamed of having a ballet career (which explains her lust over tutus and poufy dresses.) I'm in heaven! Her love of the theatre and fashion from the 20s and 30s right through to the 60s has been her motivation and inspiration behind her highly structured and meticulously tailored and embroided pieces that embellish the utmost in style and sophistication. 'Each exquisite garment is customized with an essence of feminity and decadence; embelishing influences from European design.' And the best thing about it is you won't have to worry about ANY girl wearing the same thing as you, as these are ONE OFF DRESSES. Now we're talking! :) 

Absolutely stunning beyond meaning, language or expression! Love, love, love!

So after snapping with my dearie Cecylia who I thank from the bottom of my heart for bringing her SLR, we walked around GPO to have more of a browse. My outfit was inspired by this photo that I saw on the Asos website. I fell in love with the outfit and thought I'd try and mimic the pretty girl's style. No matter how individual we are in the way that we dress, we're always inspired by others- whether it be friends, celebrities, paintings, movement etc. But it's important to remain yourselves in the way that you look, act and carry yourself. People would rather see the real you shine through than be put off by the person you're hopeless trying to be! 

Enjoy my photos ladies! I would love to know what you think of my outfit. And to my dear friend Cecylia, your photos in our next shoot will be featured in my blog without any excuses. Maybe we can be princesses one day and spoil ourselves to buying an Anaessia dress? :)

(I am wearing Zara pants, Asos shirt, Gripp blazer, vintage brooch, Melissa shoes and vintage bag..)

Object of one's desire!

Much love,

Miss Couture Vintage X.