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Thursday, 6 February 2014

David Jones Autumn/Winter 2014 trends

     From the eyes, to the strut, to the elongated pose- Jessica Gomes, Montana Cox and Jason Dundas led the David Jones Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion parade with an aesthetically appealing story to tell. As summer draws to an end, we often find ourselves contributing to what I’d like to call: ‘a wardrobe detox’- a crucial moment in time where we get to re-examine our taste in fashion and reconsider whether certain trends are simply timeless; or whether we as individuals are just outdated.

I couldn’t help but notice the diversity in trends from Dion Lee’s leather panels and asymmetrical cut-out skirts to Bianca Spender’s tantalising shades of tangelo teamed with camel (something I could so see Farrah Fawcett in if she were still alive!) Put quite simply, the David Jones parade exemplifies the notion that women shouldn’t always opt for a sliming, black dress as life is way too short to ignore such bold prints by Camilla and majestic pieces of art like the gold damask print dress by Nicola Finetti.

A model showcases a design by Camilla.

A model showcases a design by Nicola Finetti.

Jessica walks the runway in a design by Bianca Spender.

Over the weekend that just passed, I took the pleasure in attending the ‘Modern Love’ exhibition in Bendigo and stood in absolute awe gazing at forty years of fabulous fashion. The exhibition featured my all-time favourite designer brands such as Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior, Toni Maticevski and Vivienne Westwood. Karl Lagerfeld portrayed a strong representation of elegance with his tailored pencil skirts, a pinch of gold chains (which is coming back into trend I might add) and bold-coloured boyfriend blazers (which once again has returned into season). Overall, Christian Dior’s electrifying red gown and Toni Maticevski’s exceptional silhouette and draping skills won me over but I’m biased.

A stunning design by Alexander McQueen

So next time you pluck out an outfit- whether you’re about to attend a winery, paint the town red or go out on a blind date, why not choose the multi-coloured maxi by Camilla over bleak black, the sweetheart bodice by Josh Goot, the avant-garde cape by Ginger and Smart or go all out and team your black and white nautical stripes by Bec and Bridge with a big, brim cowboy hat or better yet, be the fiery prowess that you are and rock out a tribal necklace by Mimco. I promise, you won’t regret it!

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