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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Homeware & decor

         I'm a woman that has recently turned a quarter of a century and I am in the process of anxiously waiting for my boyfriend of almost six years to propose to me. Eeek! As you get older, you're bestowed with much more responsibility and less funds to just irrationally spend on a Givenchy Antigona bag or a nude pair of Louboutin shoes. Retrospectively, we have also discussed buying either an already established home or building our first home together. I get anxiety just thinking about it! 

The thing I love most about David Jones (asides from the timeless houndstooth print) is that they never cease to amaze and astonish. Because of my fervour for vintage and monochrome contemporary, I would like to take you on an ocular journey of what I would like my home to look like… WELCOME!!!

      As my guests arrive, they would be greeted underneath a crystal chandelier. To the left would be the master bedroom- the bed itself covered in a Ralph Lauren modern bed quilt cover and matching pillow cases. Adjacent to the bed, there would be a vintage white chair and the bedside table would be sweetly coated in the wonderful scent of Tahaa Triple Scented Glasshouse candle. 

They say that first impressions last, so I strongly believe that your lounge room (or preferably what I'd like to call the entertainment room) should epitomise your sense of style and persona. To be a good host, you should cook one of your signature meals (I make a mean pasta), which I would whip up in my Global and Scanpan collection. Subsequently after dinner, I would seat my guests on the Helsinki black leather sofa and crack open a bottle of Moet to celebrate this milestone of an occasion and then rest it on the Georg Jensen grand champagne bowl. This is where we would collectively cheers to old love- to new home- to great friends and to good health! 

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