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Saturday, 5 March 2011


As Martin Luther King once said, “I have a dream!” And that I did- one that was swirling around in my thoughts for a long time. His notorious speech rang true for me with my 21st birthday approaching. Fashion is my emblem of identity, just like the air that we all breathe. I had a design and a vintage style stuck in my head for as long as I can remember. I was keen and determined to search, find and watch this creation blossom right before my very own eyes. I went to as many designers and fabric stores as I could find listed, to the point of mental frustration and emotional disheartenment.   Warwick Fabrics, Frankie Stuarts, Blooms (which shockingly closed down and directed me to Bloom’s florist instead) and Spotlight were several stores that I visited. Spotlight did have my kind of ‘Damask’ and ‘Jacquard’ print, but it was a heavy furnishing fabric suited for curtains, not for dresses I intended to have mobility in. I even went as far as asking two former contestants from Project Runway (Lui Hon and Helen) to design my dress but Lui didn’t specialise in corset gowns, and Helen was charging me an arm and a leg for her labour work. I was gutted, depressed and disappointed. I took every possible avenue and was on the verge of giving up hope. My gorgeous boyfriend Dejan sat there and watched each tear drop stream down my sullen face. I think I crushed his little heart into teeny pieces.

       Not long after, I was touched by a miracle. Dejan recharged my level of determination and blessed me with a glimmer of hope he found in the local paper. He discovered the designer Zanet Couture- my angel, my hero: Aneta Pazeski. I made an appointment to meet with Aneta on the 28th of July and was praying she could fulfil my aesthetic creation in three months. She was super friendly and listened to my ideas. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing- “I can make this for you!” Til this day, I can distinctively hear those words being uttered. Her words wrapped me like velvet, and I was jumping up and down with joy (literally). We cooperatively worked through the choice of fabric, and she kindly contacted her suppliers for a quote but their silk Damask fabric was way out of my price range. I told Aneta that I had a supplier from America in mind, but it was down to the quality of the fabric to determine my thumbs up.

      As time pressed on, I ordered my material from America (hoping for the best blindfolded) and made several appointments to meet with Aneta. We got on like a house of inferno- particularly because we agreed that we were both born in the wrong era (due to our love for vintage- from 1920s Flapper dresses to1950s baroque gowns with gloves). She was not only my designer, but she also became a good friend. The designing process reminded me of the development of a butterfly- first comes the cocoon (the calico fitting- which still amazed me with the outline of my mermaid gown), followed by the butterfly disembarking the cocoon and spreading its wings (the first material fitting- which pumped me up with the biggest adrenaline rush) and in final the butterfly, (the perfectly fitted and most beautiful dress I have ever seen: my dress). Just days before my birthday party in October, I picked up my gown and tried it on for the last time in Aneta’s studio. I was sad for two reasons- 1.) because I thought I would never see or hear from Aneta again and 2.) Aneta flabbergasted me with the bombshell that the apple of my eyes- my beautiful man had paid for my dress as a surprise for my birthday. I cried my eyeballs out, knowing that I am one lucky girl and especially acknowledging that dreams do come true when you put your heart and soul into it.

     The night of my 21st, on the 30th of October had been a great success. I received so many ‘Wows’ and ‘Ahhs’ and left my man lost for words when he saw me for the first time. I didn’t think I would wear my dress more than once, but I was hoping I would get the most out its beauty and its price. And that I did!
       In April, Aneta asked me to model my dress (as well as a few of her other designs) at the Mother & Daughter Day at the Rendezvous Hotel. In July, Aneta signed me up to a further two modelling shows- a fundraiser for Sydenham soccer club called ‘Glamour’ at Lakeside Reception and a ‘Secret Business Expo for women’ at Moonee Valley Racecourse. By partaking in these shows, I have experienced the unknown of learning valuable modelling skills, I have boosted up my confidence as a woman and I forever get the same feeling each time I put on my special dress: ‘Dreams can come true. No matter how far-fetched they may seem’.

Much Love,

The greatest lover of all Couture,

Ange xx


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