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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Movie Marathon: Top 5 fashion movies...

Carrie:  “Don’t give me a diamond; just give me a big closet…” 

They’re fashionable, they’re foxy, and they’re fabulous…

Based on Candace Bushnell’s novel, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattral), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davies) and Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) star as four female friends in New York who are looking for love and deal with issues of romance.
      But the fab-four are globally renowned and admired as women who show-case the world’s finest designer brands and have established their own exquisite sense of style. As in the TV series, fashion plays a crucial role in plot and production of the movie launched in 2008. Over 300 ensembles were used over the course of the entire film, including Carrie’s iconic wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood, hats and the feathered headpiece made by Prudence Millinery as well as 300 pieces of dazzling jewellery by H. Stern.
      Each character portrays their own signature look- Carrie is the emblem of outrageous and daring fashion, with her uptown chic and fanciful vintage collections teamed with killer stilettos. Whereas, Samantha exudes confidence and sexiness in her strong styles in bold colour, Charlotte plays the more preppy and domesticated woman and Miranda epitomises the corporate and androgynous character who works hard for her money.
       Sex in the City is a commodity for all lovers of fashion, and no woman should have to live their life without depriving themselves with ever watching it.
And if you enjoyed the statement pieces in the film, then you’d be a fool not to watch the second movie released in 2010. A flabbergasting $10 million dollars was invested just in the wardrobe. The girls experiment their Western attitudes with Muslim customs in Abu Dhabi, and we’re left with our jaws dropped and our hearts yearning for their luxurious lifestyle. 

Look at it as a source of survival for women: we cannot breathe without oxygen, the same way we cannot breathe without a gasp of fashion…

Anna Wintour: “There is something about fashion that can make people really nervous…”

 We all love a good read and perve on any edition of Vogue, but do we know just how much pain-staking effort, and aggravation goes into the making of such a highly-read magazine?

      September Issue is a 2009 documentary film based on the behind-the-scenes drama and commotion that Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her staff have to endure during the production of the September 2007 issue of American Vogue magazine. Now let’s take a moment to think of what a five pound magazine would feel like… That’s just over two kilos! Two kilos of fresh and tasteful fashion right there.
The September Issue is any woman’s Alice in Wonderland, with special appearances by many influential people in the fashion industry from top editorial models to noted fashion photographers and designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld and Vera Wang.

        Care to take a bite? I do warn you.. The September Issue will leave you hungry for more…

Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things… classy & fabulous.”

Coco before Chanel is an awe-inspiring film in scripted with a multiple message that success can flourish for even the disadvantaged and love does really conquer all.
The 2009 French film depicts the early life of the eminent French fashion designer Coco Chanel played by Audrey Tautou.

       Who would’ve thought that an orphan, who started out working in a provincial bar as a seamstress for the performers and singers, would turn into a world-leading fashion designer and icon of the 1950s?
Coco Chanel starts off as a mediocre girl, with an unusual fascination to dress in mannish clothes. Coco falls in love with an English businessman named Boy Capel who believes in her aptitude of making hats. Sadly, Capel dies in a horrific car accidents and Coco’s fate takes a sharp turn as she succeeds with her brilliant collection.

       This movie represents class and elegance. We see this depicted in the final scene of the film, where Coco launches her opening collection of Chanel suits, Chanel jackets and bell bottoms. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the lace train dress that Coco’s sister wears at the races. I have never seen anything more stunning! 


Audrey: “I don’t want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I’m not sure where that is, but I know what it’s like. It’s like Tiffany’s. I’m just crazy about Tiffany’s!”

She is indescribably the most beautiful and iconic woman in the world. She is the apple of my eye, the yin to my wardrobe and the yang to my elegance. The photo of her carrying an oversized cigarette holder, bejewelled in layers of pearls in a black million dollar Givenchy dress is considered one of the most eminent and highly-copied images and trends of the 20th century. She is the pretty Ms Audrey Hepburn!

        Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a 1961 romantic film with an ounce of sheer comedy. Audrey plays a naïve and eccentric woman who prances around in divine dresses and hats, whilst portraying the definition of gracefulness. She has a deep fascination for Tiffany’s, as her rejuvenating walk in the park means to stand in front of the window glaring and yearning for all the things she wishes she had. I guess it happens to the best of us!!!

      Due to her luxurious high maintenance of wanting the finest of things, she prefers to marry affluent men for their money and believes that people don’t belong to people. Her attitude changes when she meets Paul Varjak- a new tenant who shows her that life isn’t just filled with materialistic things.

      Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a great film to cosy up with on a chilly night, as long as you don’t forget to enjoy a hot mug of Italian hot chocolate. Oh and to maximise Audrey’s brilliance, I heard she had to wear a white bed sheet at her cocktail party because she had to improvise a gown on the spur of the moment. Now that’s what I call a fashionable woman- one who can improvise and create an outfit in a minute…

Andrea Sachs:
“So none of the girls here eat anything?”
“Not since 2 became the new 4 and 0 became the new 2.”
Andrea Sachs:
“Well, I’m a 6..”
“Which is the new 14.” 

Every girl’s dream is to be absorbed in a world filled with designer clothes and shoes that’ll make your eyes twinkle. Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is one of the lucky ones, that girl next we’d love then envy… As a graduate of Journalism, Andrea is hired to work as the second assistant to one of the City’s biggest magazine editors, the callous and pessimistic Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep).

       Miranda Priestly takes a good look at the passé Andrea Sachs and if looks could kill, so can a pair of Jimmy Choos. The first assistant Emily Blunt counsels Andrea about the behaviour and preferences of their cruel boss, and stylist Nigel (Stanley Tucci) assists Andrea in the wardrobe department by upgrading her style to Chanel, D&G and Calvin Klein. Amazingly, Andrea morphs into a trendy and confident woman- an ideal candidate for Miranda’s magazine industry. However, the changes to Andrea’s attitude and behaviour starts to affect her private life which then makes her realise that life is all about choices (making the right choice).

       The Devil wears Prada is a 2006 comedy drama that is set in the world of fashion. You would be astonished to see how many designers allowed their clothes and accessories to be used in the film. $100,000 was just used on the fashionably selfish Streep alone. Just picture what $1 million dollars to could to your wardrobe- a stairway to heaven; or an opening to bankruptcy….


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